• Sari Syväluoma
  • Sari Syväluoma

Sari Syväluoma

I move smoothly in the border areas between art and design. With the help of various techniques weave, print and embroidery, I attain a three dimensional surface to illustrate depth by the way of colour and ornamentation. I utilize both traditional and modern techniques to give the commissions the desired finish. Handlooms for me function as a sketchbook to develop textiles into production in small runs and at large.

Through either collaboration or commission I design and produce exclusive and bespoke fabrics inspired by a concept, a theme or just everyday life.

I work with a combination of different segments in culture incl design, teaching, curating and producing international exhibitions. My aim and passion is to increase the knowledge of crafts and design. During the last years I have curated, produced and designed visual profile for several organisations and institutions in the Nordic countries.

Contact the artist

Sari Syväluoma, MA
Anton Schjøthsgate 17
0454 Oslo

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