The objective of the association is to be a forum for connections and to contribute to the establishment of new networks and meeting places for nordic textile art.



Textile Museum of Sweden
Nordic Textile Art has a strong partner in Textilmuseet i Borås  who with its new art lounge is building an international arena for textile art.

Rydal Design Center
and NTA arranged together with Rydal Museum the workshop Massive Textile Surround System in Rydal, June 2012.

KKV-Textiltryck Malmö
In commision by Region Skåne KKV-Textiltryck Malmö carried out a pilot study in 2013 called Network development Textile art. The assignment was conducted in a cooperation with NTA.

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Dansk Tekstillaug – væv, tryk og broderi,   and Danske Kunsthåndværkere,  are the two organisations in Denmark that take care of the development and interest of textile art.

Statens Værksteder for Kunst, Danish Art Workshops was a partner together with The Danish Architecture Centre in Nordic Textile meeting in Copenhagen – Textile and Architecture in march 2014.

The Danish Arcitecture Centre,, is a gathering point for all those interested in new architecture, urban development and innovation in the built environment.

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Textílfélagið, The Textile Guild, generously offered commitment in their accomplishment of Nordic Textile meeting on Iceland 2011.

CONTRIBUTORS in projects and activities

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