Kissa Tindal

Working often in a large scale - appr. 200 cm length - is making it possible to me to insert layers of meaning, as I consider content and technique to be so closely connected, that you cannot seperate them.   My interest and inspiration  has often been very old cultures, trying to transform them for nowadays language of symbols. I call it "making time".

My choice of material is most often linnen, cotten and batist - well suited to accept the vat-dyes made for batik.  The choice of colour is extremely important  to me, as it has to express the main intention and idea of the work.

Starting by dying the background I go on creating my intended expression/ motif in smaller pieces of . thin batist.  By burning the edges with a  soldering iron I fix the surroundings of the pieces of collage and glue them to the background.  By screenprinting in pigment by gold or silver the work is finished and mounted by vliseline and an ironstick on top and bottom to keep it straight.

I do silkscarves, too, using a printing technique in reactive dyes only, which have to be steamed by the pressure of 1,2atmosphere. This method is making the dyes very durable as to both washing and wearing.

About the pictures.

Making Time 2020, 43, 68 x 73 cm
method: batik with background of retro batik of mine from 1974 - newly made      collage printed with cave paintings in gold pigment.

Berlin By Night 2018, 64 x 135 cm
method: inspiration from lightshow in Berlin. Batik, collage, gold pigment.

Paradise Lost? 2019, 100 x 75 cm
method: printing in reactive dyes on top of commercially printed cotton.


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Kissa Tindal
Lindevangsvel 6


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