Kira Malmsten

Previously, when I was younger, I was weaving tapestry. I span and I died the wool from my own sheep. Little by little I used more of the materials flax and cotton rags. I built my own tapestry loom, a loom leaning against the wall in order to use as little space as possible. Gradually, the only material I used was flax – wet flax. I enjoyed holding the wet flax between my fingers. One day my vacuum cleaner broke down. Inside the vacuum cleaner I found an irresistible beautiful copper wire. – That was the beginning of my work with metal wire as material in my art. I continued my work with tapestry – with flax and copper. And, whenever I took a break from weaving, I started to crochet and knit wires.

With this new technique, the gossamer thread, sometimes invisible, captures the light and still gives a weightless volume to the sculpture, and it gives distinct shadows. Shadows that occasionally are more visible than the object itself – then, sometimes I feel a glimpse of the fragility of life.

Contact the artist

Kira malmsten
Mölnbov 24 a , 153 32 Järna
tel: 073 2617993

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