Josefin Tingvall

The magic of cloth, I came to believe, is that it receives us: receives our smells, our sweat, our shape even. And our parents, our friends, our lovers die, the clothes in there closets still hang there, holding their gestures, both reassuring and terrifying, touching the living with the dead ” - Peter Stallybrass, textile historian.

Josefin Tingvall, artist working with exprimental dye, documentation processes and handheld techniques as an investigative and narrative method. With a Bachelor's of arts from Linköping University in craft and Design and further studies at Konstfack, university of Arts's master program Craft, she focuses on textiles as a recording material for memories, tracks and places. Topics she is working with are environment, fragility and change; humans role in our own-built world.

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Josefin Tingvall
instagram: @josefintingvall

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