Jessica b Watson

'Somewhere between a pencil and a fine needle lies the meditative and cathartic process of art making...'

Conversations are fundamental to my art-making. I am interested in the stimulus and symbolic meaning of colour and pattern and use them within my drawing, printmaking and textile-based artworks to explore the idea of Identity. I am also very interested in the idea of the ‘double-take’ and drawing in the viewer to explore more nuanced subtexts. The artwork depicted in my images is Dreams & demons, an interactive installation where I invite my audience to write me their dreams and demons. I then stitch these texts onto strips of fabric and weave them into the artwork.

Jessica b Watson is Australian-by-birth and Swedish-by-choice and is presently based in Sydney, Australia. Her work is held in public and private collections in Australia, Sweden, Malaysia and the UK.



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Jessica b Watson
Country: Australia/Sweden
Instagram: @jessicabwatson

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