Ingibjorg Styrgerdur Haraldsdottir

The motivation for my artwork comes from the creations of native people who had the need to produce useful objects out of materials from their nearest surroundings. This has made me want to compose and organize objects especially from wool and my homegrown linen. In my artistic work, I strive to be organized and disciplined. By this, I feel that I have conquested the chaos and the disorganization in my mind and it gives me a meditative and almost spiritual pleasure.

I studied weaving in the Icelandic College of Arts, and in the Masterclass of Textile at the Hochschule fu?r Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. In 1992 I studied how to grow flax and prepare it as linen in Sweden. Since then I have experimented with growing flax in Iceland and successfully managed to find solutions to adapt it to the Icelandic weather conditions.

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Ingibjorg Styrgerdur Haraldsdottir
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