Iben Høj

Iben Høj has for the past two decades been part of the Nordic fashion scene, where her delicately knitted and feminine creations have added a sense of optic lightness and professional weight to the business. Over the past eight years Iben Høj has expanded her three-dimensional knitting into spacious and artistic expressions, staging her textile signature in both small and gigantic installations that appear at once delicately fragile and potently strong. Iben Høj’s sensuous take on patterns, thickness of yarns and the poetic potential of the knitted stitches has manifested her signature over the years – a signature that balances in the space between what we see and what appears to us. Her work is nurtured and inspired by the contrasts between traditional and modern, delicate and grand, handmade and machine-made, and it is in the interplay between these contrasts that Iben Høj’s works unite fashion, art, design and the narratives between them.

Contact the artist

Iben Høj
Kystvej 29
5300 Kerteminde


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