Birgit Daa Birkkjær

Investigating - Baskets as an Art form.

Many years ago I discovered, that a flat weaving could turn into a 3-dimensional form, and this was the beginning of my journey investigating the basket form and the philosophy behind baskets.

Even if I have made many basket objects, I still have the “Beginners Mind” each time I start working, and I am always astonished to see, where the baskets are leading me….

My inspiration mainly comes from ancient cultures,
and my working process is to investigate a material or a theme, and often natural elements are integrated in the art work.

Sometimes fragile materials even occupy the inner space of the basket – telling the viewer, that the work is a “sculpture” or a “textile basket object” more than a functional basket.

I like to think of my work as a way of giving nature back to mankind.

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Birgit Daa Birkkjær
Skovskadevej 8, 8400 Ebeltoft

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