Audgunn Naustdal Holsen


I am an textile artist living in westeren coast of Norway. I live and work in my own studio as part of my residens.  After my education I have worked with textile printing, public art, teaching and I have had several solo exhibitions.Today I work with processes that can be linked to storage, transmutation, collection and use of what lies in front of my feet, or in any other way randomly come to me (and that I have to clear up).

In work with one work come ideas of how I can use the leftovers in the next work, either as inspiration or specific clear up work. This is one of my many aspects of work processes. I alternate between textile art, design and craft. I like to analyze situations and think for the relationship between technique, material and the situation. I work with art full-time.I have also worked with the theme of public art that has a sound absorbing effect.  ‹Wall Cushions› are examples of this.


‹The rest› 2013-2019, ca 20x20x20 cm, Leftovers thread glued together, lading on a old  stairs.

‹COLLECTION›, 2018-2020, Textile leftovers, glue and knots, crochet elements etc., ca 3 x45x30 cm,  can be monter on different cane of old furniture or display base.

‹Textile block›, 2021, ca 10x8x3 cm, cross stitches on stramei, mounted on a wooden block., can be hung on the wall or stand on a table / shelf and can be a card holder.



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Audgunn Naustdal Holsen

6819 Førde


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