Anni Foglert

I have worked a lot with combining iron, copper and textiles. I make the iron rust, the copper verdigris and meantime change the fabric and thread. While something is breaking down something else is developing and growing.

In my art, I am a seeker who is searching and looking for understanding. Therefore I am also interested in questions. The issues that are complicated and hard to understand intrigue me and challenge my will to explore. My questions lye under a melancholic shade and are sometimes even uncomfortable.

I like contradictions, where opposites are playing with and against each other. In the conflict is a tension, it can be beautiful and disgusting, appealing but uncomfortable. A recurring contradiction in my work is protection and prison, to be able to glimpse but not see the entirety. I want the viewer to fill in what is missing and create their own interpretations and stories.

Contact the artist

Anni Foglert
Skiljemyntsgatan 14, 41480 Göteborg

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