Anna Olsson

I am a textile artist and mainly weave tapestries in a loom but also embroider pictures and objects. Since my graduation in 1995, I have worked in my own studio and had separate exhibitions and participated in various group exhibitions, both in Sweden and abroad.

I often work on a cohesive theme. I have sometimes taken my starting point from fairly simple everyday events. It can be messy overcrowded kitchen cupboards that are flooded with plastic jars, plates and mugs. My art has always been strongly driven by a political vision within me. It may not always have been clearly visible in all my pictures, but in recent years, in step with the societal changes that are taking place, it is becoming clearer and clearer in my pictures. There is a lot to be afraid of today, climate changes, right-wing populism, growing racism and class divisions.


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Anna Olsson


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