Hannah Streefkerk

My work relates to the passing of time in nature and to the cyclical nature of time. The works can be seen as visual metaphors for our shared responsibility of protecting nature and lessening our impact on the environment. At the same time they prompt us to contemplate our natural surroundings. To notice things, to stop once in a while. Time and the fact that everything is temporary are aspects of life that the environment and every human have in common. The lush green foliage of summer turns into falling autumn leaves which in turn become a source of nutrients for next spring's growing season. Through my interventions in nature itself, in forests, on fields and riverbanks, and my sculptural works inspired by natural elements, I delicately illustrate this passing of time, growth and decay and the continuum of life.

Contact the artist

Hannah Streefkerk

Gallviksvägen 34

44163 Alingsås


mail: streefkerkhannah@gmail.com



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