Ann Nyberg

I always dreamed of being a fashion designer. Drawing with crayon or pen on paper and sawing clothes or doing embroidery has followed me as long as I remember. Many years ago I started to hang paper on a wall. Did drawings and didn’t really know what to do with them. Then I went to gymnasium for a year learning weaving and embroidery. During that time I got myself a weaving chair and I started to play with the drawings, combining with fiber materials.

I had the colours already from the crayons so I picked the same colours on the fiber. My goal was to make a fusion with two different ways of expressions/materials into fiber art. This technique has occupied me for over thirty years.

I am inspired by the nature of dreams, emotions and a huge believer of abstract expressionism and their followers.

I have had the opportunity to show my fiber art in lots of places all over the globe. To me this is a very important mission. To make sure fiber art is given as high status as it deserves in the art world.

Contact the artist

Ann Nyberg
Tulegatan 4, 64633 GNESTA

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